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Hire a Photographer in Rome

Capture every moment, without limits. Invest in our professional photography service and unlock the magic of unlimited, expertly edited photos.

Capture every moment without limits.
Invest in our professional photography service and receive expertly edited photos of every shot taken, no cap on quantity.

Say “arrivederci” to the selfie stick and elevate your Roman holiday with a bespoke photo experience! Embrace the essence of Rome as a personal photographer crafts timeless, candid snapshots of your journey, ensuring your memories shine in every frame.

Solos & Couples

Capture the essence of your journey together or celebrate your individuality through our Solo & Couples photography experience. Our skilled photographers will artistically frame your moments, preserving the love, laughter, and cherished memories of your adventure.

Solo portraits in Rome by a professional photographer cost
  • 30 Minutes
    € 250,00
  • 60 Minutes
    € 350,00
  • 90 Minutes
    € 475,00
  • 120 Minutes
    € 525,00
  • 180 Minutes
    € 585,00


Make your proposal an unforgettable moment frozen in time. Our Proposal photography service ensures every second of that special occasion is beautifully captured. From the nervous excitement to the heartwarming ‘yes,’ our photographers discreetly immortalize this milestone in your love story.

Surprise shot for a proposal in Rome with a professional photographer cost
  • 30 Minutes
    € 300,00
  • 60 Minutes
    € 420,00
  • 90 Minutes
    € 570,00
  • 120 Minutes
    € 630,00
  • 180 Minutes
    € 702,00

Small Groups/Family

(3 to 6 people)

Whether it’s family, friends, or a small gathering, our Small Group photography service is tailored to encapsulate your shared joy and connection. Let us document your group’s dynamics, laughter, and unique bond, creating timeless memories to be cherished forever.

A family travel in Rome with a personal photographer cost
  • 30 Minutes
    € 325,00
  • 60 Minutes
    € 455,00
  • 90 Minutes
    € 617,50
  • 120 Minutes
    € 682,50
  • 180 Minutes
    € 760,50


(7 to 12 people)

Gather your larger group and let us do the rest. With our Group photography service, larger gatherings become a canvas for unforgettable moments. Our photographers expertly capture the energy, camaraderie, and collective spirit of your group, ensuring no smile or shared moment goes unnoticed.

A group travel in Rome with a personal photographer cost
  • 30 Minutes
    € 350,00
  • 60 Minutes
    € 490,00
  • 90 Minutes
    € 665,00
  • 120 Minutes
    € 735,00
  • 180 Minutes
    € 819,00

If you’re interested in booking multiple locations or a longer package, feel free to request a personalized quote at

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All Photographs Included: We believe in transparency and value for our clients. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about limitations on the number of shots. You will receive every photograph taken during the session, providing you with a complete and authentic representation of your event.

We understand that each event is unique, and we want to ensure that you have the freedom to choose from a wide array of images, capturing the essence of your special moments.

Cancellation Policy

  • Enjoy flexibility with our cancellation policy: cancel for a full refund when done 48 hours before the shooting.
  • Please note, cancellations within 48 hours of the start time won’t be refunded.
  • Additionally, any modifications within this timeframe won’t be accommodated.